7 May 2021

7 Facts For Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Publishing a blog is one of the most influential things you can do for your internet presence. The common misconception is that blogs are for people that want to share too much information about their personal life. This isn’t true. In fact a businesses blog can a key tool that turns a website into an effective lead generating machine. These are just seven reasons why your business needs a blog.

1. More pages indexed in search engines.

Every blog post you publish will get it’s own page. The more blog posts you publish, the more pages your website has. More pages means there is more for search engines to index. More pages indexed means it is more likely one of your pages will show up in search results.

2. Your website stays fresh.

Every new post you publish “pings” the search engines. A ping is like a nudge telling them “hey, I just updated my site, come check it out!” This will bring search engine crawlers to your site more often. It has been confirmed that a website updated frequently will get ranked higher in search results. The best way to keep your website fresh is by publishing blog posts.

3. Visitors have a reason to return.

The whole purpose of social media is to connect with other people. When you publish a blog you attract people to connect with you and your content. First time visitors may become return visitors if they discover you have a blog that is updated frequently.

4. Creates a valuable resource.

Every industry has frequently asked questions and misconceptions. Having a blog is a great way to address these. Your business will be set apart by the valuable resource your blog creates. Everyone that matters to your business will come to appreciate the value you and your blog provide and that is the kind of relationship a business can be grown from.

5. Creates the framework of your social media presence.

Content is at the center of every social media presence worth anything. The headquarters for that content has got to be your blog. When you publish a blog you have something of value to share with your friends and followers. This makes your Twitter and Facebook presence much more valuable for you and your customers.

6. Increased Traffic

When you have a valuable resource that is getting shared everywhere, more people will visit your website. More traffic will get you more leads. Pending your website layout is setup to sell of course.

7. Your business gets its own publishing platform.

Think of your blog like your businesses own personal magazine. Among valuable content you’ll have the opportunity to sell and promote your products and services. You’ll have instant access to a platform for publishing special promotions and sales. It is a great way to give people an inside look at your business and everything you can do.

Creating a blog will attract new customers for your business. It is an awesome, free way to strategically promote your business by publishing valuable content. The more you share and teach, the more people will want to give you their business.

Source by Kevin A. Kaye

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