10 February 2021

8 Myths of Affiliate Marketing

Myth #1

Anyone can sign up for affiliate programs without a plan of action, and start making a ton of money!

· Sorry! Nope, it does not work like that at all. The fact is that being an affiliate requires a deep level of dedication and time management among other skills.

Myth #2

Affiliates can be successful without having a website for product information and related content.

· This is another negatory. Affiliates need a website or blog in order to offer regular content and or information relating to your affiliate products. A website brands YOU! Your traffic will begin with those that read and trust your opinions and recommendations.

Myth #3

Simply placing buttons, banners, and ads on a webpage will drive your profits.

· This myth is not true either! Scattered ads across websites, unless done properly displays clutter, not to mention that it does not show authority and knowledge by the affiliate unless you are both discussing and displaying related content as well as knowledge of the product.

Myth #4

It is acceptable that affiliates can have any kind of influence or gain rapport with their audience without creating lists.

· That is the wrong mind set there again. It’s easy to clutter a website with potential money making links, but the difficult part is establishing trust and rapport with your target groups. As affiliates, we too are competing for customers. Rapport must be grown with clientele.

Myth #5

If the product is great, the affiliate can sell it without much effort in content, strategy, or a good marketing plan.

· Good content, trust, and building rapport. It’s important to follow strategies that are proven to work for super affiliates. Isn’t that the goal?

Myth #6

Promoting products that have nothing to do with the content and categories of your website will yield substantial commissions.

· Quite the opposite. Posting irrelevant products compared to our content or niche looks hungry and misinformed. It does not make you look professional or knowledgeable. Affiliates need to promote only what they know and only products related to what their website is supposed to be about. I am still cleaning some of these mistakes of my own up.

Myth #7

Affiliates do not have to create a “brand” in order to thrive.

· Although it is not always simple, heck, it’s never simple to gain the trust as an expert in your niche; it is doable with some knowledge though. Build trust knowledge and rapport and you are branding!

Myth #8

An affiliate can earn good income with just a few websites without expanding and growth.

· Super affiliates distinguish from the rest because they update, rebuild and reinvent their strategies continuously to the growing needs of the market.

These myths are simply not true. If you believe any one of these mythical ideas does not apply to you, you will be merely setting yourself up for disappointment. The fact is, if you build it, they will not come, until of course they trust you and your word about products you promote or recommend. Remember that that requires building rapport, and knowing your products.

Once you as an affiliate get these mythical ideas out of your thinking process, and have a good, detailed plan of action established, you will be on your way toward success as an affiliate.

Source by Vicki Sinclair

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