26 March 2021

Branding, I Finally Get it – Whohoo

Four months ago if someone had said the word Branding to me, my first thoughts would have been of a cattle round-up, and I’m not even a country gal. After listening to videos done by two of the top entrepreneuars, Mike Dillard, and Jonathan Budd, I finally get it.

For us baby-boomers, do you remember: your Father would always go to the same car dealership, same salesman, because he already knew he would get the best deal and service, the Avon Lady actually came to the door, and Mom would order, even dating back to the Fuller Brush man. It was as much, if not more the salesperson, than the product, because they were trusted, “branded” they had the reputation.

Now for the newer generation it might be compared to: Sony, Play Station, X-Box, or whatever, because they have the best games, a certain cell phone, because it operates the best, and has the best support system behind it. Maybe they have a certain store where they purchase computers, and electronics because of the sales staff and experience they’ve had there. It all comes down to Branding, not of the product, but of the people in the know.

Until we (people new to internet media) can gain that trust, that kind of reputation, or Branding. Until we can help other people accomplish their goals and answer their question, help to be the solution. You might as well go to a cattle round up and brand a few. Because we need to brand ourselves, not our products, software, systems or whatever. Amazingly enough this will carry over to your personal life as well, you’ll be gaining leadership skills, self-worth as you help others, and gain knowledge.

This can be done through forums, articles, blogging, always trying to gain more information, more knowledge, letting people know who you are and what you stand for. So take control today and start Branding yourself, not what you’re trying to sell someone.

Source by Gloria Dale

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