Is Your Website Costing You a Fortune?

A poorly designed website could be costing you three-quarters of potential new business opportunities. That’s our view of integrated brand and web design company Ararat Works that most people form an impression of a website within a split second of clicking on it. Up to 75 percent of your site traffic will judge a business on its credibility and ability to deliver based on the visual appearance. Put another way, if your website doesn’t look good you could be losing three-quarters of any new business. A website is your window to the world and if it’s poorly designed we know it does have an impact on conversion rates and repeat customers.
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Some of our clients have enjoyed a 5x increase in traffic after a redesign, the key was working closely with them to fully understand their needs and utilize other channels effectively at the same time.

At the heart of everything, Ararat Works loves creating and building digital experiences on every web development and design project that is onboard and set for a new path to success.

At Ararat Works, we take the time to understand your business and analyze your existing site first to highlight any current problems to provide a solution that not only looks good but is designed for speed and optimal performance as well.

Ararat Works approach is for partnership working so that clients can focus on the things that matter most to them while being safe in the knowledge that development on their website is taking place in the background.

Here are five top tips for designing and building a website:

Pick the right agency to work with
Time and time again we see clients coming to us to fix sites that have been badly built with lots of bugs or even more worryingly don’t work, make sure the agency can prove that they can design and build websites that convert.

Have a realistic budget
A good quality website doesn’t have to set you back a lot but make sure the agency and developer you choose can deliver your website within cost.

Maintain your website
Websites are like cars, you need to maintain them to ensure they run well if you don’t invest in them they breakdown or stop working as efficiently as they used to. Regular maintenance of your site is essential for maintaining SEO, speed, performance and uptime.

Driving factors
How can you measure site performance if you have no traffic being directed to your site? Good web design goes hand-in-hand with a good website strategy and an allocated budget for the likes of PPC, social and SEO.

Partnership approach
Agencies bring added value that not all in-house IT teams can offer.  Working with an agency should be viewed as a partnership and comes to you with regular updates on site performance and the latest game-changing technology.

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