9 June 2021

Reverse Funnel System – Closing the Gap

The Reverse Funnel System is an automated marketing system for Global Resorts Network; one of several automated systems. By it’s very nature, being an automated system, there is no personal branding to make the funnel “sticky” or syndicated to keep prospects at the Global Resorts Network funnel. Without personal branding, prospects slip through the gap between the reverse funnel system and the traditional marketing system. Personal Branding closes this gap between these two funnels.

The use of personal branding and the new technologies of the Web2.0 makes a connection with prospects. This makes the marketing funnel “sticky” and helps the entrepreneur build a $10k to $20k per week business. What we mean by sticky is that the prospect will return to the marketer’s funnel and not go outside the marketing funnel to another site. When the prospect slips outside the marketing funnel sales are lost.

Personal Branding is becoming an essential part of marketing for nearly every program and direct sales network marketing site on the internet. Using these techniques in your business is not that difficult but is time consuming. Many of the techniques can be outsourced if the marketer doesn’t have time to implement. Helping team members to connect with interested, like-minded marketers and business builders is the result of personal branding. The explosion of online video has made personal branding fairly easy to accomplish and any marketer using these techniques can bolster their online presence and obtain successful results with their online business.

YouTube has several videos showing the means and methods marketers use to personally brand themselves. Search for “personal branding” or web2.0 and you’ll get dozens of results to view.

I’ll follow up with additional articles reporting the effectiveness of these techniques.

Source by Greg Mangin

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