28 March 2021

Social Media Marketing – Facebook Pictures, Do You Know How Powerful They Are?

One of the features of Facebook, an excellent product that has helped people and changed the way they connect with family and friends online – pictures! Facebook is hosting more that 10 billion + photos, more than any other site online. The feature creates an easy way for people to share photos and connect family and friends with photos.

If you have not started using this function now would be a good time photos are a very powerful tool that many people use. “In many ways Facebook is to photos what YouTube is to videos.”

Here are 3 of the many ways to use the photo function in Facebook…

You can share fun, whether you take the photos yourself of find great photos of others, you can post them on your wall so that others can share in the fun. My computer man Michael Dropkin is always sharing fun photos and videos with me, I remind him to share the joy and post them on his Facebook wall. They are a way to demonstrate what you care about and a little piece of who you are.

When you attend events and you do attend events right? Take pictures of the people you meet and the speakers, preferably get someone else to take your picture with the speaker. Post these pictures on your Facebook wall and “tag” the other people who are in them. When you “tag” someone in a picture it will show up on their wall too, a super easy way to share a picture with them. You will not have to send a special email or message to let them know you got the pictures posted, it simply shows up on their wall, how easy is that!

You can also easily share your products on your Facebook page. It is a fun way to demonstrate to people the products and services you have available.

Source by Carla McNeil

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