26 March 2021

What Opportunities Are There With Facebook to Market Beyond the Web?

Facebook is not only a great place for people to hang out and socialize, but also a powerful marketing tool that can be used to expand your reach and bolster your business.  While it is obviously deeply embedded into the online world, that fact does not mean you have to limit your promotional tactics to the web when leveraging it.  Below are just a few of many ways Facebook marketing can prove highly effective beyond the web.

Local Events

One opportunity you have as a marketer to leverage Facebook away from the web is connecting your fans with a local event.  This event could be centered around anything your brand is sponsoring or somehow involved with.  The presence you have established on Facebook could work wonders for making this initiative a success.  For example, it could help you create awareness for the gathering, and also tailor certain elements to the preferences of your fans.  Create enough buzz, and this could turn out to be a worthwhile venture that engages locals and improves the overall perception of your brand.  

Connect Like-Minded Fans

Another opportunity you have for strengthening your marketing efforts outside of the web is providing a way for your fans to connect with each other.  Consumers are increasingly demonstrating their loyalty to brands through a variety of iconic elements.  Livestrong has a bracelet, Foursquare has a badge, and Google Reader has a patch.  Your iconic element could be a Facebook decal that locals can stick on their window to promote your fan page.  By providing some form of connection, fans that support you on the web can help bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing endeavors, and also identify and interact with each other on their own accord out in the real world.

Location-Based Marketing

The last opportunity we will look at is associated with one of Facebook’s latest initiations, location-based data.  Though it is currently in its early stages, Facebook Places could eventually prove to be a gem by allowing users to check into local businesses and tell friends where they are.  That alone speaks volumes in terms of potential, but there is much more to it.  Once your business location is registered in the Places database, you can engage your audience by rewarding fans for paying visits to your establishment, making purchases, or simply recommending your business to friends.  If you are looking for ways to make the most of Facebook outside of the web, Places is a tool you definitely want to keep an eye on.  

Facebook may be natively situated on the web, but there are no rules stating that you have to restrict yourself to online marketing.  So you say you have already invested too much time and energy into establishing a presence in an online community?  That is okay, and in actuality, this works in your favor.  By leveraging the best of both worlds, you will have plenty of opportunities to maximize your efforts by bringing your online marketing initiatives to life.

Source by Gary San

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