28 February 2021

Why Should I Care About a Personal Brand?

You know a lot of brands. Think of a couple. Pepsi, Audi, Nikon…you.

Every brand makes you thing of particular attributes. A company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their brand. The shape of the logo, the color of the logo, the website design, and even the users manual all carefully shape the brand. Businesses spend a lot of money creating their brand in consumers’ minds.

Individuals also have to be concerned with their personal brand. Recruiters, human resource people, and hiring mangers are all consumers of your brand. Luckily you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your personal budget, however, you will have to be careful how your personal brand is built.

But why should you care about a personal brand? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should care:

  1. Opportunities have a way of finding you. It is hard enough to go out and find an opportunity. You certainly don’t want to pass up on any opportunities for a job to find YOU. What a concept!
  2. You will have an audience to validate your opinions and expand your horizons. Part of establishing a personal brand is creating a professional network and demonstrating your expertise to your network.
  3. Your credibility sores. The more people begin to understand your brand the more they value your opinion.
  4. Search engines become your friends – your personal brand is usually built through numerous online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, forums and blogs. These pages are shown on the search engines and people see your name on a search query. They will recognize your expertise.
  5. You can get promotions (and more money) than you would normally receive. You will be differentiated from your peers. Supervisors (and peers) will take notice.
  6. You get an chance to shape your own brand. You don’t want to let others cast your brand for you. Do you?
  7. The more people you meet and the more relationships you strengthen, the more you will grow as a network.
  8. If feels great when your self-confidence skyrockets!
  9. Successwill come much sooner because you have a network of people who see you as an expert in your field.
  10. A friendly network gives you something to fall back on if required. Your network is there if you need career advice, help finding a job, or just a friendly debate on an important topic.

OK, so now you care. You should start building your brand today.

Source by John Patankia

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