9 March 2021

Why Should I Have A Logo?

Despite what the vast majority of people think, having a logo is much more than an attempt to build a brand. A well designed logo tells your customers that you care, it shows that you care about your website, about the people visiting your website and ultimately about the service you are providing.

The internet can be a dangerous place to make business, you might purchase a product and not receive what you paid for, you might try a new service and face problems with the person you hired, some people will simply run away with your money, this is a fact, it happens. You never know who’s the person taking care of the website you are visiting, is it a reliable person? Will you get what you are expecting? There are just too many questions floating around, and these are the exact same questions that will be floating around your clients minds when they visit your website. The bottom line is, interacting with sellers and service providers is all about trust.

Before anything else your prospects must trust you, you need to build trust before even trying to sell anything to people. Since the internet is a place where the law is broken constantly, being a trustful source is the best possible scenario.

Now you ask me, “What does this have to do with having a logo?”. The answer is simple, people lay an extraordinary importance on the things they can see. You must have heard that it takes less than 1 second for a person to judge a website when visiting it for the first time, and this is true! If your visitor does not like your website at first, you will not have another chance, he will hit the “x” on the upper right corner of the page and jump to your rivals website to check what he is offering.

Did you know that when a person is being interviewed it takes less than 15 seconds for the interviewer to decide whether that person will get the job or not? This is science, you need 8 good impressions to get rid of a first bad impression. Which clearly shows us that there are no second chances, you have only one choice, capture your visitors attention instantly.

I have a few questions for you:

1 – In case you were looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend, would you try to get a good looking one or an ugly one?

2 – Would you rather be deaf or blind?

3- People go to the GYM because they want to be healthier or because they want to look better?

Don’t fool yourself, image is everything, we all worry about the way we look and people do prefer to see beautiful things, don’t risk your business by not building a visual identity, wake up and get a logo design.

Source by Bill Hanagan

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