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Y. John Ararat

Web & Mobile Developer


Hi, I am a full-stack software engineer for both web and mobile development, design and online strategy as a part of a wider array of services I am capable of providing.

  • Languages
    English, Hebrew
  • Code Specialization
    Angular, Ionic, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Node & more
  • Years in the biz
    14 and counting
  • Hobbies
    Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Puzzles, Yoga, Gaming

My online career started when I managed a sales team and was focused mainly on marketing since then I focused more and more on the technical aspect of things while keeping the bigger scope of business needs and marketing requirements addressed and in a clear view.

Time and time again, this has proven itself as a very viable and useful tool that helped every client and project I’m standing behind. I take pride not only in building what is requested and supplying high-quality work, but I also make sure that any input I have that might be useful is delivered to allow an even better result to the whole project.

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Over the time I became extremely passionate about the local business community, I spent a lot of time and effort into developing products and services that provide the ability for local businesses to converts from brick-and-mortar into a full-blown online business that can sell its products or services. This assists local businesses with another stream of revenue that sustains them during the good times and the bad, this revenue stream is easily maintained and provides local businesses with a toolset that brings them new clients that otherwise would’ve been purchasing their product elsewhere due to the competition online.

What Ararat Works provides is not just a new website or mobile application, it is way more than that, Ararat Works journey alongside clients personally and guides them through the shift between the real world and the online world and creates a bridge in which the business can live within both worlds.

Since this is such a passion, Ararat Works also created other projects that aim to support local businesses and its community in a way that never been seen or done before, to learn more go to www.shmapp.ca and support local businesses around you.


Web Design & Digital Branding

Concentrating on online digital branding is key for a successful online presence and bringing the physical meaning of the brand into the digital realm and present it gracefully. This service complements the marketing service and integrates into a strategic plan for new and innovative designs that could take the brand further.

WordPress & Other CMS

Good design deserves high quality, up to date and effective development in order for the design to really pop and present itself. By providing both under the same roof it is possible to provide both with the highest attention to detail while providing personal VIP service quality.

Marketing & SEO

Good marketing equals thinking out of the box and ahead of the curve with new and innovative ideas. By providing this service it is possible to retain the same relationship that was formed during the inception of the developed project and have a dedicated marketing effort by professionals who are intimate with the brand already.

Mobile Applications

More and more users are now searching everything that they do use mobile applications, you as a business have a targeted community or targeted niche you want to serve you should consider creating a dedicated application that serves your targeted clientele, Ararat Works is the perfect place to go to do so in a personalized and accurate manner developing an application that suits your exact needs


When the time came to give our online auto magazine an overhaul, we came upon Ararat by chance. After carefully understanding the needs of our organization, Ararat Works worked meticulously to specifically cater to a custom design for us. Even after launching, Ararat continued to follow up and ensure that full satisfaction was achieved. The entire overhaul was a seamless process and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Kudos to Ararat and the team involved!

Adi Desai, DoubleClutch.ca

All of this (Foundation 6 Framework) has been a build-up to this moment’ we’re now 48 hours away from our public launch. This version would have not been possible without the input and insights from the community and a few phenomenal people including Y. John Ararat.

ZURB product design company

Ararat redid our company website and incorporated a scheduling calendar for our service work that will keep us up to date on an on going basis. We are very pleased with all the changes that Ararat Works completed and would recommend Ararat to anyone looking for high-quality web design and development work.

Mario Goyette, JDM Air Power Services inc.


As a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer, with a background in web development, Marketing, Team Lead and Management Positions in the agile environment along with my professional academic experience is what distinguishes me and allows me to reach the accomplishments I’ve done thus far within my current position and elsewhere.

I also consider my life experiences to be a great influence on my unique look at things, I immigrated to Canada in 2013, and I like to think that I am bringing a fresh new way point of view to any project.

With over a decade of experience in the field of web development and programming. I have been consistently rewarded for hard work with promotions and increased responsibilities. These rewards are a direct result of my expertise in web & mobile development, my commitment to personal and professional excellence, and my excellent written and oral communication skills.

I have proven myself by succeeding both as a freelancer, and as a web & application developer employed at commercial companies, I have excelled in CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT (including MV* such as Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Meteor.js, ReactJS, Coffeescript.js, and Angular.js (and 6+) ), PHP and a few more coding languages, I have very in-depth knowledge with systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and other CMS.

I also am actively developing mobile applications with React Native and Ionic frameworks. It’s important to note that I am one of the contributors to the Zurb Foundations framework and actively developing features as a part of their team, especially for Zurb Foundation 6 framework that is one of the top leading frameworks in terms of front-end development frameworks. Additional skills that I enjoy are SEO knowledge that I’m using on a variety of projects that I’ve developed for myself and other clients.



Ruppin Academic College


B.A. Business Management – Specializations in Global Market Marketing, Born Global Companies & Business Planning


This is a short list of some of the skills I have focused on:

Angular & TypeScript
Ionic Framework
Ionic Framework
PHP, Laravel & CodeIgniter
WordPress, Joomla & Other CMS
Photoshop, Illustrator & Graphic Design

Since not everything can be listed, some skills are not mentioned above, to verify if it is within Ararat Works capabilities contact Ararat Works now,


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    Ancaster, Ontario