Local Search Popularity Will Lead to Greater Local Advertising Opportunities

According to BusinessWeek, 55% of consumers used a search engine to find out about a local business in 2005. That number is expected to increase significantly this year and next. I’m not a bit surprised. I’ve been saying for some time that local search will grow. And I mean it. The writing is on the,…

Benefits of Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is an important tool used by internet marketing companies. It basically is similar to print and other forms of advertising. The idea is that one creates a banner, either an image or an animation with the logo and an attractive phrase describing the company. This banner is then placed on other popular websites….

What is Brand Advertising?

Brand advertising is at the heart of any businesses success. It’s all too easy as a business owner to make the mistake of thinking of your brand as a logo and a color scheme along with a slogan. To the consumer (Remember them? they’re the people who keep you in business), your brand is synonymous…

Banners, Online Advertising, and Branding

Banner advertising can be controversial. For some time now we have been told that banners are a thing of the past. Well, fortunately there are plenty to be seen around wherever you go on the net. It would be a dull place without them. What Are They Doing To Banners? From time to time we…

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