11 June 2022

Attraction Marketing – The Difference Between Branding and Selling

Attraction marketing simply put is a technique which allows the customer to see what your offering them and how it will benefit them before they make any purchase. It’s a technique which gives content to the buyer before they make a purchase and shows them the value of your service or offer. Thus attracting people to you and your offer.

How does it benefit your business? Well by providing content to your customer and giving them the chance to decide whether you have the right information or product for their purposes you are positioning them to become a qualified sales lead BEFORE they step in your (virtual) door.

The concept behind Attraction marketing is also a simple one. What would you prefer? Chasing down leads, harassing friends and family, looking for the next buyer everywhere you go. Or simply putting out your content and having your customers find you. The better the content and the more specific to your niche the more qualified your leads will be when they approach you. Aaahh, gone are the days of trying to get your leads to hotel meetings, or one on one interviews, or even cold calling from the phone book! And we can all be glad about that.

Attraction marketing in the past few years has become more accessible to the little guys with the development of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like, it’s easier to get your content out into the world and show people what you’ve got. Before the availability of such marketing tools, it was only the big companies that had the funds to use this type of marketing through TV commercials, print media and radio.

But now we all have the tools to leverage attraction marketing and build our businesses by attracting our perfect customers to us. The concept that needs to really be absorbed here is that people are buying you not your product. They aren’t really buying your product they are buying you and your content. Therefore building your brand is of utmost importance for this to be successful in your business.

Attraction is not a conscious decision for the most part, people will be attracted to qualities in a person, like personality, leadership, personal value and self worth. Showing your customers these qualities will in the end be what draws them to you. Seeing something in your brand that reminds them of themselves or shows them a little of what they would like to be ultimately will be the deal closer for them.

By focusing on becoming the brand you want to be and giving people real value that’s going to help them is by far better business practice than just purely promoting the product. People aren’t buying your product they are buying you. Focus on this and watch your business grow and your time free up to keep building the brand and the value that draws your customers in.

Source by Tarnya Cook

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