29 October 2020

Best Ways to Attract New Online Customers From All Corners of the Globe

Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of the Fortune 500 or the top online businesses in the world? But before you can even get anywhere close to being a major player in ecommerce, you need to become an expert in attracting online customers from around the globe.

A classic story of a small business able to break into its mainstream industry is the story of BSUR. This is small ad agency in Amsterdam that ended up signing huge contracts with several international clients like Glamour Magazine and Wrangler Jeans. How did they do it? They worked outside the box and offered the clients the chance to be a “real street presence.” This refers to branding and consumer awareness of a product. They didn’t need branch offices in different countries or even agents selling for them around the world. All they needed was what they called the “international state of mind.”

Creating Your Brand

A huge chunk of your online business should go into creating your brand through marketing and brainstorming with the online business owners. Without a solid, united front, it would be impossible to find your niche in the global ecommerce arena. People need to know who you are, what you stand for, and then look at the product and decide it its worth buying.

Were you aware that 90% of people who go shopping have caved in to impulse buying? Surprisingly, men spend more on impulse buying than women – and they tend to buy high-priced items on impulse which is something women rarely do. Women tend to focus impulse buying moods on fashion, cosmetics, nutrition, food, and beauty.

Find The Right Mix of Marketing Strategies

Don’t expect outstanding results simply because you used all the different marketing strategies you could find. This will kill your business more than it will build it up. If people get confused about your product, brand image, brand name, choice of words, images, and videos used – they won’t bother trying to figure it all out. Majority would just skip over your website and find something else

In the first place, with a diverse market that spans east to west, you also have to consider cultural differences. For instance, customers in the Philippines would love anything American while those from Malaysia or the Middle East might shun a product just because it boasts of being American-made.

Have A World Class Product

While you need to respect other cultures, you also have to stand by your product and make sure it is world class. Once you start marketing your product to the world, it will be compared with other similar products. You can be sure of that. Decide right now what will make your product better. What do you have to offer as extras? Would it be service, great packaging, a warranty, discount coupons, express shipping, or lower price?

In summary, you need to choose your market (not the whole world right away) plan your marketing strategies to address that specific group, and then go for it with everything you’ve got. Once you have established a footing in that group, expand to other countries and be the next international ecommerce wonder!

Source by Lina Stakauskaite

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