17 January 2022

Creating an Online Brand

If you are looking to create a website or an online presence through a blog you will need to create a strong brand that people can identify with. A strong brand has several important factors within it and these will be discussed shortly, the first thing you have to consider is why you are intending to go online in the first place. The reasons you have will impact upon the brand itself.

If you are going to create an ecommerce web presence then think about the products you intend to sell and how you want them to be portrayed. If it is a blog or information website then think about the content you will be using and posting. Your brand must include:

A Name – Keep it simple and memorable.

A Logo – Think about the project and link it all in together.

A Message – Your logo and name must help to get your message across, a slogan can help with this.

Logo Design

With any great logo it must be kept simple and clean with recognisable colour schemes. If you can incorporate an image from your chosen industry then great but remember if your brand name is obvious to what you do an image like this is not so important.

The best thing to do it write down all of your ideas for what you require, even sketches if possible, then visit a Professional graphic designer who can compose several versions to choose from in various formats.


Your website should follow the idea of your logo both in font and colour scheme; this will help users to instantly recognise your brand. If your logo was based on a green colour theme then it would be a bad idea to create a blue website, not only would it clash but it would also lack continuity.

The website should be clean, clutter free and simple to give the user an easy and fuss free experience. This should keep them coming back and telling friends about the website. You should also add things like video and images to give an interactive experience to the user without fuss.

Brand Message

Think about the message you want people to read so they can instantly recognise what it is you do without looking too far. Try not to make your slogan too cheesy but at the same time it must be something that is memorable. A company like Tesco uses the tagline “Every Little Helps” which implies that they are giving you the best value possible, even if it is just a penny cheaper then their competitors.

An online brand is important and once you have created it you must market it effectively, both online and off-line to really see it take off.

Source by Ian D Spencer

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