26 October 2020

Customers: Love Your BRAND

Customers are looking for companies they can keep purchasing from and brands they can become advocates of. In other words… while you are searching for customers to love your brand, customers are also looking for companies and brands to LOVE.

Think about it: with all the choices in the market customers currently have (with limited time) to make their purchase decisions quickly. it’s much easier for them to find a brand and company they love and stick with them.

So what does it take to attract customers to like and eventually love your brand? The key is to understand your customers needs, keep them engaged, and build relationships with them.

1. Understand them – understand what your customer needs and wants. How do you go about doing this? It’s simple: better customer experiences start with data. As customers interact with your brand through purchases, online browsing, opening emails and clicking links, they leave behind a trail of behavioral data. You can analyze your customer data and that will provide a deeper understanding so you can respond to their needs. Knowledge is power. Data accumulated can assist you in a better understanding of your customer.

2. Build Relationships – go beyond looking at your customer as a single transaction. Build trusting relationships with your customers by being attentive to their needs. Track customers throughout their life-cycle and deliver relevant communications at each stage. Sometimes you need to walk away and go back to better understand what is going on. Create campaigns to keep them engaged. Track purchases.With a gap in purchasing, analyze and put together a Win-Back Campaign.

3. Stay Relevant – with an abundance of emails, offers and retailers selling comparable products, customers are looking for an easy way to do business with you. Sending relevant product recommendations, based on purchase history and online behavior is the most effective way to give customers what they want. Studies show that 39% of U.S. consumers buy more when products are suggested based on past browsing or buying behavior.

The envy of every brand strategist: brands who have a community of die-hard cult followers — you know, the people who go out of their way to evangelize and share the brand with everyone they know.

Branding is the process of forming memories, emotions and a relationship around your brand in the consumer’s brain. The goal is to build such a strong connection and such strong belief that the consumer take on your brand identity as their own.

Source by Patricia Desiderio

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