21 August 2021

Direct From Website Audio Recording & Digital Marketing

Content on the internet and in the world of digital marketing is created and shared in different formats such as…

Audio [in the form of Podcasts, Voicemails, Interviews, Customer Feedback etc etc] is one of the principle means of digital marketing communications and the ability for businesses to be able to capture the full sentiments of their customers through voice is on the rise.

Traditionally customers are able to leave a voicemail for businesses by [of course] using their phones; these voicemails will be picked up by the relevant personnel and acted upon accordingly. Customers [or prospects] visiting the company website are able to leave an email via the contact page is all well and good and does work however; at times one is not able to fully convey their feeling through the use of the written word alone.

It is with this last point in mind that we look at companies taking in messages from clients as a matter of course and, using these audio recordings along with all of the inflections and emotions that one is able to provide through the human voice alone as a key component of their digital marketing strategy development and execution.

Giving clients the ability to leave audio recordings [whether it be a simple 30 second voicemail or 5 minute customer satisfaction feedback request] is an aspect of business strategy that will give any company an edge of its competitors. Bear in mind that we are talking about using audio recordings from an ongoing strategic perspective, encouraging customers to leave feedback that we as business owners are able to use for marketing development purposes.

So from the simple 30 second voicemail to a 5 minute customer feedback; providing website visitors with the ability to record audio right from the website using whichever computing device they happen to be using e.g..

… we have established will give a competitive advantage to the company in question within the market place that they are operating within.

There are other categories of business use that can also benefit from the ability to record audio without having to use special software or expensive recording equipment as in most cases the microphone within the computing device will be more than adequate enough to provide high quality audio.

Interviewers and Podcasters are on category of user that can benefit from sitting down in whichever location they happen to be in and straight from the computer to the cloud, record and archive audio recordings. In this case we are talking more about 30 minutes up to around an hour of audio going straight to the cloud.

One of the great advantages of this method is that at any time one can access the dashboard and download the voicemails, interviews, podcasts or customer feedback recordings and edit and use for whichever purpose as per the business use requirements.

As we continue to see the world of digital marketing itself evolve, audio will continue to play an important part and; giving clients the ability to effortlessly record audio via the company website can only serve to enhance any company’s digital marketing efforts.

Source by Stephen C Campbell

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