7 January 2022

Golden Digital Marketing Tips

There is no denying the fact that the future of marketing is digital. While many business owners know of digital marketing, many of them don’t know how to go about it. The few that execute it, do it the wrong way. To help you out, here are marketing tips that will help you succeed:

Make use of social media

Almost everyone is using social media platforms: Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google+. By properly making use the platforms you will not only save much of your marketing budget, you will also have the ability of reaching millions of your target customers.

To be successful on social media you need to be regular and consistent. There is no way you will build a voice if you post once a week or a month.

While it’s recommended that you post regularly, you shouldn’t over do it. Social media experts recommend that you should post 5 times a day on Twitter, 5-10 times a week on Facebook, and once a day on Google+ and Linkedln.

When posting, remember that it’s not about you-it’s about your customers and followers. Many businesses make the mistake of posting only promotional products. This will not only head you to nowhere, it will also result to loss of followers (potential customers).

The best way of going about it is mixing valuable information (that adds value to your followers) and a little bit of promotional information. Remember: to keep your followers you need to provide value.

Create high quality content

Mediocre content has no place in digital marketing. In addition to being valuable, the content also needs to be unique. This calls for you to provide information that your competitors are providing.

The current trends have been the use of videos, animations and inforgraphics. Ensure that they are of high quality and different. If you can’t produce them yourself, hire a professional to help you out.

You can hire an agency to help you out, but if you are strapped for cash, use freelance sites such as Elance, Fiverr and freelancer. These sites have plenty of talented professionals that will give you great content at affordable prices.


As mentioned, digital marketing is the future and you need to start learning the ropes now. Heed the above tips and you will definitely be a marketing success. If you are busy and don’t have time to undertake marketing yourself, hire a professional to help you out.

Source by Omkar Nath Nandi

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