31 December 2020

How To Schedule Your Pinterest Pins

It’s not easy being a solopreneur! With so many things to do on a daily basis, I’m always looking for new ways of saving time and increasing productivity.

If you’re using social media as a platform to market your business, then you know how very time consuming it can be. Trying to maintain your presence and build your brand across numerous social media sites is no simple task. If I were to post updates to all of my profiles individually, multiple times daily, there wouldn’t be much time left to do other important things like eat or shower! After all, wasn’t creating MORE time with our children and families one of the big reasons we decided to start a home-based business in the first place?

Scheduling postings in advance is a great way to keep up with your branding while allowing yourself to focus on other activities that generate income, like content creation and product development. The automation of your social networks can also be helpful for creating the time necessary to actually be social! Think about it, you can be on Twitter providing service and building relationships (which should be the focus of your social media marketing) while productivity tools like Hootsuite and Buffer post your latest blog update or product offer to your other favorite networks.

Productive Pinning.

I don’t know about you, but it didn’t take me long to become absolutely addicted to Pinterest! It quickly became one of my biggest productivity killers. I could easily spend hours there, pinning away the most important hours of my “workday.” I also found myself pinning in large bunches, which will eventually become irritating to your followers and could make them unfollow your boards. Thankfully, I came across Pingraphy… from a Pinterest pin!

Pingraphy allows me to schedule my pins. It’s exactly the tool I needed to save time, pin consistently throughout the day, reach more followers, and avoid mass pinning. The service is free and simple to use, just follow the 5 steps below.

1. Create An Account.

Signing up for a Pingraphy account is effortless! Just submit your Pinterest e-mail address and password.

2. Get The Pingraphy Bookmarklet.

Simply drag & drop the pink Pingraphy bookmarklet to your toolbar. The Pingraphy bookmarklet works just like the Pinterest Pin It button. When you find content you want to share, click the bookmarklet to display all the pinnable images.

3. Select An Image.

When the images display, they are all selected by default. To pin one image, click the unselect all button in the upper left corner, select the image you want to pin, and click next. If you want to schedule multiple pins, just unselect the images you don’t want and click next.

4. Select A Board & Add A Description.

Choose which of your Pinterest boards you want to pin to from the drop down box. Then, add a description of your pin to the description field. If SEO is important for your pin, make sure your description uses appropriate keywords. The URL field will automatically display the web address of the page you are pinning from.

5. Schedule Your Pin.

Click schedule, then click inside the time field to display the calendar. Select the date and time that you want your pin to post. You can specify your pin time down to the minute! Once your time is set, click done to close the calendar. Then, click confirm. (If you’re scheduling multiple pins, select the desired time interval between pins before clicking confirm.) Congratulations! Your pin is now scheduled.

Now, get busy scheduling more pins and give your followers what they want… awesome content on a consistent basis!

Awesome Extras.

While the scheduling feature is definitely the star of Pingraphy’s show, the value of the service doesn’t stop there.

You can view repins, likes, and comments by pin or by board from Pingraphy’s dashboard. These analytics will allow you to see which of your pins are receiving the most engagement. Use this information to find out what your followers enjoy and give them more of it!

There is also a pin editing feature that alows you to enhance the image you’re about to pin. It’s a basic editor but you can crop, add text, and add effects to pinnable images. If you’re looking for a better tool for adding some personal touch to your pins, give Pinstamatic a try. You can access Pingraphy’s image enhancer from the select board/add description page. Click the enhance image link to the left of the URL field.

Source by Michael T Fox

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