5 January 2021

How to Turn a Dejected Customer Into a Valuable Resource

Although your brand might be selling the highest grade of products, but the way in which you respond to your unhappy customers, makes a huge difference. Customer service is essential for a brand to thrive its business, with the growing responsiveness of public, owing to social media platforms. Therefore, it is important for customer service executives of a company to live up to the expectations of their customers.

1. Make Your Customer Feel Heard

The major outline for all problems is the same, that is, something which was meant to happen did not happen in the way it was expected to occur. Whatever be the case, if your customer is not convinced or does not leave with a satisfied heart, it will affect the customer return rate.

2. Accept responsibility and offer genuine apology

All the complaints posted on the social media sites have to be dealt with much care. Make a note that every message you post on social media matters. Do not say anything which would be held against you later. The calmness and patience with which you handle conversations will eventually pay off. It will aid you in resolving issues impeccably.

Avoid using pre-written templates and consider every negative review as an opportunity to earn a customer’s business all over again.

3. Reply as soon as you can

When you get a negative response from a client, you must analyze if it is worth a response and act swiftly by replying with an immediate solution. If you take too long to resolve a complaint then the conversation will surely escalate and would become louder over social media platforms; thereby attracting negative publicity. An unhappy customer if treated well and on time will turn into a vocal advocate that will spread the good word about the company. Remember that the rate of customer conversion is directly proportional to effective customer conversation.

4. Get Started with the damage Control

Before the internet existed, the theory went like this, “an unhappy customer talks about his poor experience with 10 other people.” After the internet age began, the saying has changed to this, “an unhappy customer has the power to reach a thousand people within a few minutes.” Negative comments tend to go viral very soon as compared to positive messages. The more people join the conversation, the louder the conversation gets. But if a customer service executive reaches out to the unhappy customer well in time with a practical solution and a probable compensation offer for better public relations then you will certainly be kept away from the disaster of negative publicity.

It is a well-known fact that an unhappy customer is likely to turn into a more loyal customer. When a dejected customer receives stellar customer service, they will most certainly spread the word. This positive word-of-mouth promotion is the ultimate form of winning accolades. When you get an opportunity to rectify your mistake, do it with much finesse such that your disaster rectifying stories are talked about! Also, be mindful about showing gratitude to your customers by saying “Thank you for reaching out to us” and mean it wholeheartedly.

Source by Veronica Jessy

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