8 September 2020

Lemonade Stand Marketing: Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses

Yesterday, while walking to the gym by my house I saw an interesting site. 2 small kids (maybe 8 years old) were sitting on the corner of my street with a lemonade stand.

I found it amusing. I remember doing stuff like that when I was a kid. Actually, I sold poems that I wrote and printed out. You could say I was an “Information Marketer” even back then. But here’s where this story gets good.

These kids weren’t selling any lemonade. I mean, nobody was stopping. Cars sped by not even thinking about stopping. To be honest, it was really hard to see these little kids and their tiny lemonade stand. I felt bad for them.

As I got closer to the kids, I heard what sounded like yelling. As I approached, I could hear it clearly now. Both kids were yelling as every car drove past.


I laughed to myself and continued walking on. I found if funny that these little kids were trying so hard to sell lemonade and as a marketer I couldn’t believe their method. Then again, they are just kids.:)

They were screaming their lungs out as I passed, so of course I had to stop and buy a cup from them. I didn’t drink it, but I didn’t let them see that part.

But here’s what I found so amazing.

The Secret Of Marketing: Don’t Scream And Wait Around ForĀ  A Customer

These kids were doing what they could to make a sale. They had heart and they really fought. But I can safely say they MAYBE sold 2 or 3 glasses that day. $1.50 isn’t such a bad day for a kid, right? But, that’s when it hit me.

Almost every single local business is doing the same exact thing. Maybe not screaming at passing cars, but with their marketing. Most business owners don’t even advertise. They rely on word of mouth. They HOPE that someone will see their store, and stop in. The ones that do run ads are doing a little better, but most of the time their ads aren’t effective. What’s worse, they don’t know which ads work and which ones don’t.

So, if you own a local business or an internet business (or are thinking about it) then don’t be a kid trying to sell lemonade. Screaming and hoping that someone will stop is ok when you’re 8, but you’re full grown, you need a lot more than hope.

You need to create a plan of action. Don’t be afraid to market to get new customers. And more importantly, continue to market to current customers. Repeat sales are where the profits are. Don’t forget that.

So, get out there and start selling. And if you see a couple kids selling a glass of lemonade, buy a cup.

Source by Mike Antoni

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