23 August 2021

Marketing Using Twitter Comparison to Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to all those types of strategies employed when promoting a product online or offline. Online marketing includes the usage of newsletters, email marketing, SEO oriented strategies, pay per click and many others. Offline marketing includes newspapers, magazines, ads on the radio or on the TV. These are all part of the typical, overused type of promotion. The new buzz is now given by marketing using Twitter.

In order to use Twitter as a marketing tool you simply need to start by creating an account. Creating one is free and it only requires your email address. Of course you can then proceed in customizing your appearance on the website and entering more detailed personal information. One obvious thing is that you won’t give your actual information, but data regarding the company you own or about the products you offer.

Once your account is set up all you have to do is start connecting. This is one of the most essential parts of the whole marketing process. You need to find those people which would be interested in buying what you offer. Then you need to follow them, talk to them and keep in touch. In time they will check out your account as well and they will start following you.

What you can notice already is that you can’t have Twitter as the basis of your marketing campaign. You need to start branding in the real world and then extend to Twitter. This is a two step process and you can’t have the Twitter marketing working if you don’t have the initial basis.

If you further compare the structure of your market you will notice one really important thing – in a traditional market your customers are all separated and they’re certainly not forming a community. This is a huge lack as it’s much more difficult to reach to each and every one.

On Twitter everyone is connected. This keeps your clients tight and you have a much more facile access, promotion and a minimum time investment.

The final aspect which differentiates the two is the growth order. While traditional marketing offers a proportional growth of sales, Twitter offers an exponential growth. Through typical advertising you only reach out to as many people as you can directly talk to to. On Twitter followers of your followers will hear about your products as well, thus eliminating you from the process.

The secret to marketing using twitter is to combine the two methods and take advantage of what they both have to offer and compensate where they lack. With patience and time you can achieve exceptional results with twitter marketing. All you need to do is to invest the time needed for actually bonding with the other users.

Source by James Dreesen

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