30 January 2022

Mondelis – Will Social Marketing, and Video Games Help Mondelis Reviews?

Mondelis is a network marketing company that has been receiving some buzz in social media networks. The Mondelis reviews I’ve come across have left out an important topic which I think is crucial to address when determining whether they are long term sustainable vehicles for growth, or a short term fad and hype.

In the last few years, the social media networks have provided endless opportunities for businesses to grow and expose themselves to the marketplace. There are hundreds of millions of people in these networks and the amount of new people joining social media networks is growing every day. This seems to be a perfect medium for companies such as mondelis who is focusing on social marketing, video games, and online shopping.

As with any company using social media networks to expose their products, there are a few issues that concern me with how this medium is being used for business purposes. Social media networks are places where people go to hang out and talk to friends, not a place where a business goes to pitch their products or opportunities. While the company itself has been excellent at adding value and not pitch their opportunity, there are those reps who simply have not understood this concept.

In my research I found that the leaders bringing this up and coming company, are very influential, with large followings, and have no doubt they’ll be able to get the company off the ground and running.

The opportunity in Mondelis is not so much on the uniqueness of the product, but on the differentiation the reps give themselves. The products Mondelis is bringing into the market can very well hold its own, which provides a great opportunity for the rep who can successfully take advantage and make good use of the heavy presence Mondelis has in social media networks.

If you think this is not the right company for you, then I suggest you do not join. You must learn and have the right mindset to be success and believe you can achieve your fullest potential, regardless of the company you are looking to join.

Mondelis has excelled in the three main critical areas that determine the success of most companies, which include having the right leadership, a product with competitive advantage, and a unique selling proposition. With this being said, I look forward to hearing success stories from reps who learn how to market and take advantage of this opportunity.

Source by Jorge Zarate

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