3 January 2021

Networking Blues: I Am Re-Branding

Branding is a significant element in networking and building relationships. It helps you to properly connect with others and market your business, products, services, etc. But, if you are in the process of changing your brand, then you have to find new strategies of connecting with your current and future networks.

Listed below are insightful ways of establishing a new image which resonates with your contacts.


As you are changing your brand, it is important to develop a message which is clear and not confusing from the previous brand. Utilize all avenues to express your new identity and make sure it is consistent. Be frequent in your correspondences and explain the new change and how it may impact the relationship, business etc. Keep your networks up to date on the changes and its progress.

Follow Up

As previously stated, you have to be consistent with informing counterparts and organizations of your rebranding efforts. Do not forget to follow up. This allows you to add more information, relevant details and reinforce your messaging. The more touch points that are used, the better. Also, use the most effective follow avenues of communication for your various connections / audiences.

The Launch

Whether you have launched your new brand or are in the process, make sure that you have a method or a plan for your initiatives. This can be as simple as updating your social media platforms, sending out an email or text notification or making personal outreaches. However you decide to make your communication, be authentic and true to yourself and values.

Use these tips to successfully produce a new image and identity for yourself. Apply networking to continue to build strong relations and spread the messaging.

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