10 September 2021

Social Marketing – 3 Twitter Tools for a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

Twitter is one of the most popular Social Media Marketing sites in the summer of 2010 and until recently it was the fastest growing social networking site as well. I recommend that all my clients create a Twitter account and use an open follow approach. This means you have your account set to automatically follow back everyone who follows you.

If you do this and you continue to add useful, relevant information on a regular basis, the number of your Twitter followers will continue to grow even if you are not actively adding people. Whenever someone likes your content and follows you then you automatically follow them back.

The good news of this approach is the number of your followers will grow rapidly. The bad news is, once you have over 1000 followers it becomes more and more difficult to engage in a meaningful way with the people who are following you. 

This is when it’s time to add some Twitter Tools to your tool belt that will help you to manage your growing number of followers and will allow you to continue to build relationships.

Below are 3 power Twitter Tools to help create your successful Social Media Marketing plan along with an overview of what they can do and how they can help your business.

The first tool is Twaitter

Twaitter (soon changing their name to Gremln) allows you to schedule the same updates on a recurring basis. Twaitter offers a feature-rich set of fully customizable options. The user can define a repeat interval, whether daily, weekly or monthly. While there are many other tools out there that do the same thing, this is the first one that is a free application.

The next tool is TweetChat 

TweetChat allows you to follow the conversation around a specific hashtag in real time. Let’s say you find a hashtag that people in your target market are tweeting. You can go to TweetChat, enter the word or phrase and see all the recent mentions. You can then follow the conversations in real time, select each of the different participants and decide if you want to follow them. TweetChat is also handy for following breaking news stories so you can receive up to the minute information.

Finally, there is BlastFollow 

BlastFollow allows you to follow everyone who is tweeting a certain hashtag with just one click. For example, let’s say you realize that everyone who tweets #AESauthor is potentially in your target market. You would open BlastFollow and enter the hashtag #AESauthor. You would then be presented a list of everyone tweeting about the subject. You could then follow all of them with one click using this tool. Hopefully most of them would then automatically follow you back.

Success in Social Media Marketing depends on defining your target market and then engaging your prospects in real dialog so you can develop a relationship. I invite you to check out these 3 Twitter Tools and then take your conversations to the next level!


Source by Lauren McMullen

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