7 February 2022

Social Marketing – The New Tool in Network Marketing

If you stand still, the Internet will blow right past you. It is constantly changing and evolving. The Network Marketers who realize this and stay with the trends will succeed. One such trend that is changing is how people now connect and find information via The Internet.

Every time you turn around, a new social networking site seems to be gaining popularity. The search engines are no longer the first option for many people searching for information on the web. They are turning to social networking sites to find and share information as well as to connect with like minded people. Adults and business people seem to be leading the way. This can be good news for the savvy Network Marketer since their income levels tend to be above average.

These networks are being used successfully by people from many different areas of our society. Doctors, lawyers, restaurant owners, specialty store owners and musicians are just a few. These networks are no longer reserved for teenagers and young adults. If you explore any of these sites you can see for yourself. The people that land on your profile are there for a reason. They are looking for what you have to offer. If they identify with and like your profile (which can and should include audio, pictures, text and video… in various combinations), you will soon be contacted via email or phone.

Old school recruiting is a thing of the past.

The process of chasing friends, family and co-workers and invoking the “three foot rule” are all now things of the past. Dealing with rude and obnoxious strangers who hang up on you will also be a distant memory. The process of trying to grow your business will no longer seem like such an arduous task because your interactions with people will be much more productive and enjoyable. Rejection is still part of the picture (it will just be less harsh and hopefully less frequent) because lets face it, not everybody is going to purchase what you have to offer. Your downline will start to grow because you will be viewed as a leader and someone they can trust.

I am sure many people made money using these old and tired techniques. The problem is most people have seen these before and they don’t really work anymore. People run for the hills when you say you would like them to attend a meeting, watch a video or simply read some literature. The rejection and fear of the rejection is what keeps many newcomers from succeeding. Social marketing techniques bring interested people to the newcomer and they will start to experience some success.

As we all know, residual income is the goal of all networking businesses. In order to achieve this a couple of things need to be in order. First of all, the product or service must be useful for consumers. The second thing is you must be able to grow your customer base. The methods to be used for growing your customer base must be simple, honest and duplicable. If your downline sees success from the methods you show them, your residual income will continue to build.

It’s time to change your networking activities!

The sooner you start to take advantage of the Social Networking sites and the social marketing techniques used with them, the sooner you will have prospects chasing you. Web 2.0 will be of great value over the next couple of years to those who implement the proper techniques.

Source by Joe Munzer

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