17 January 2022

Social Media Tips – Facebook Business Tips For Maximum Social Media Exposure

If you are a business owner, no matter what size, have you jumped onto the social media bandwagon and designed a Facebook Business Page? If not, what’s holding you back? If you have, possibly you are wondering, “Ok, what do I do now?

Like any social networking platform, to gain the greatest web presence you need to grow you connections, followers, friends, and contacts as much as possible. Facebook is no different. Research by DHI-Communications and The Internet Marketing Professor has found that businesses who spend only 15 minutes even every other day following specific strategies results in rapidly growing their Facebook friends, fans, and following.

Here are a few of the key strategies businesses are using to stay at the front of their industry:

Grow Your Fan Base

Initially, you want to invite anyone and everyone affiliated with your company to join your fan base on Facebook. use the email list checker to determine who on your email list also has a presence and invite them to join your flock. Join all applicable groups which will open up a hundreds and even thousands of fresh contacts to invite. To do this click on the Groups icon on the bottom toolbar, then search for affiliated industry groups and customer audience.

Send invitations to customers, business connections, and vendors. Off and on, review your contact lists for potential customers. There is also a feature that allows you to import your contact database. can they make it any easier to build a list quickly. Like any social network, when sending invitations, make them personal by saying:

1. How you located their name, met, or if you know them.

2. The reason for wanting to connect.

3. Let them know a benefit of connecting with you.

Keep you Profile and Page Updated

Not keeping your profile pages updated is like not wanting to keep your contacts informed of what you are doing. Taking only a couple minutes every other day to add or edit one thing will add a new post to your list letting them know of the update. The Facebook News Feed lists your the updates you and your friend’s make. This will also be the first thing seen by your contacts when the login. To keep your page fresh and visible, add news, product promotions, events, blog postings, articles, discussion topics, videos and photos.

Get the Word Out

Now that you are updated and ready to call in the troops, notify employees, customers, friends and business contacts that you now have a presence on Facebook. You can even ask them to pass your Group/Page with their contacts. Also, add your Facebook link to all of your identity products like your business cards, any marketing material, email signatures, website, and blog.

Source by David Hale

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