Personal Branding – 4 Key Points to Remember

As the name suggests, personal branding refers to the practice of applying branding to an individual. It is a unique way of evoking trust and loyalty within the customers. By undertaking efforts in the online and offline realms, one may implement this marketing strategy for enhancing visibility, attracting traffic, and generating revenue for the organization….

Key Advantages of Businesses in Multilingual Markets

This day and age has seen the rise of a new type of small business, the micro-multinational. The internet and globalization have opened up a lot of possibilities for local businesses to expand their reach to cover a larger geographical area. Going global is no longer the sole purview of the “big boys.” There is…

Effective Online Brand Development – 3 Key Components

Internet brand development is a relatively straight forward and logical process. It starts with creating and increasing an online awareness of you or what it is you represent. In most cases, the purpose for this is to help you stand apart from your competitors thereby increase your marketing effectiveness. Here are the 3 simple steps…