6 March 2022

What Does Social Media Mean For SEO?

Social media is a very recent phenomenon. Only in the last few years has it really begun to take off. However it certainly hit the runway at some pace as social networking has rapidly gone from a niche activity to a full blown internet culture. It has reached the stage where people often organising their social life more online than off it. It’s a new culture and social networking has had a knock on effect across the internet. One area that has seen the effects of social networking is search engine optimisation.

SEO consultants spend a great deal of time researching new methods of optimising content and web sites for search engine rankings. This involves a great deal of marketing in a variety of areas whether it is via press releases or blog articles. What this explosion of social marketing has done is brought a new avenue through which SEO can employ its techniques for marketing and promotion.

One of the key areas of note is the change in the web community. People devote a great deal more of their time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter than they do in other areas. As such it makes sense for SEM to take advantage of the potential exposure this provides. As a result SEO’s often have several social networking accounts of their own. This allows them to post their relevant information to a vast audience and provides a platform to promote their blog.

Further to this, content writing has gained new impetus it it’s delivery to the mass market with the aid of website designers of course. People find interesting content in new ways. People very often come across content because it has been Tweeted or something similar by one of their online contacts. As such an SEO has to ensure that their information can be easily linked to social media sites as in doing so they allow the internet user to do some of their marketing for them. What this can do, is create a sort of domino effect. As several people find an interesting post they often pass it in to several others, who in turn pass it on again to several people.

The result is that SEO is constantly evolving as the internet does and the social media phenomenon is simply another transition to be made for SEO providing greater scope for marketing and search engine optimisation.

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