3 July 2022

4 Techniques to Build Your Online Presence

People are naturally curious, we have to be or else we wouldn’t be here. What does this have to do with building an online presence? The answer: Everything

When you promote a business especially something like a network marketing business it is essential that your name and face is branded too. On the internet people already know what they want to buy, the only thing they don’t know is who they want to buy from.

When someone lands on your page and opts-in they’ll go looking for your information almost immediately just to see if you’re someone they could trust and this is the perfect chance for you to gain some credibility in their eyes and position yourself as an expert.

Still with me? OK let’s move on to the 4 techniques.

1. EzineArticles – EzineArticles is easily one of the best ways to generate an online presence. EzineArticles has approximately 500,000 unique visitor’s a day. Create an account and begin submitting articles but make them informative. Go easy on the keywords or they won’t allow you to submit your article. When someone types in your name the first thing they’ll see will be expert authors profile. EzineArticles is the daddy of all article sites and rank so high that your name will appear on the first page. If you aren’t on EzineArticles get on there and start spreading your goodness immediately.

2. Hubpages and Squidoo – Hubpages and squidoo are also ranked quite high and are more social than article directories. You will be able to connect with users immediately especially with people who are more like you. Squidoo is more flexible than Hubpages but Hubpages is more professional. A rule of thumb to follow never try to sell anything don’t be too salesy just connect with other people and have fun.

3. Facebook and social media – Social media also plays a very important part in branding yourself. Ever wonder why people flock to celebrities and rock stars? it’s because they displayed themselves and the people that watched them formed an opinion. With social media you also have that chance where the people that watch you are forced to form an opinion of you. Again don’t try and sell to people just connect with them and help them when you can?

4. WhoIs page or bio – This is an absolute must you should always have a personal bio or WhoIs page this the page you send your prospects to or the one they see when they come looking for you. Add your hobbies display anything you like apart from questionable stuff and again don’t try to sell just give information on you and your business in that order. When people see you bio they make a connection immediately and it becomes more human you become a real person and not just an image on a computer screen.

If you are a beginner then you should do these first not necessarily in that order but get them done nonetheless and best of all using these tools almost always gets you on the first page.

Source by Anam Uddin

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